VoIP and Lawyers Part 3 – The Mobile Legal Trade

Mobile VOIP Phone SystemLegal staff have to be more mobile than ever before. VoIP is a solution that allows you to be as mobile as you need because you can use it to operate from anywhere. Whether you are visiting a client in another state, or you simply need to make yourself available after hours, mobile VoIP phone system allows you to take your work wherever you happen to be.



All You Need is an Internet Connection

The benefit of the US today is you can access a Wi-Fi connection practically anywhere. VoIP only requires the actual headset and a Wi-Fi connection. So you can access your office telephone system from someone else’s office. As long as you are not in the middle of nowhere, you can function from absolutely anywhere.

The best thing is that clients don’t have to know you are out of the office. They can call the same number they always do and the call will automatically be transferred to you.

Do More

 You can do more than merely take calls. Here are some of the other functions you can take advantage of when using VoIP:

  • Transfer calls to other extensions.
  • Access your company address book.
  • View call logs.
  • Manage your voicemail.
  • Alter settings even when you’re away from the office.

VoIP is not just about calls it’s about giving you a whole new level of functionality. As a member of the legal trade, you can function from practically anywhere without causing any disruption to the customer experience.

Never Shutting Down

 These days’ clients expect you to be available at all times. They are not going to accept that you are out of the office and are unavailable. You need to support your clients at all times, especially when many of them are going through incredibly stressful times.

VoIP allows you to stay switched on at all times and you never have to shut your operations down. So whether you are at the office of a client across the country or in the local law library, you are always accessible.

The Solution for You

 As you can see from this series, the legal trade is one profession that has a lot to gain from implementing VoIP. But it requires the right provider. Do your research and ensure that you are dealing with a VoIP service provider that is going to support you through the entire process today.