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Transfer incoming call to any extension, department or device

With Call Transfer, Attendant Every Incoming Call

The call transfer feature allows a user to redirect an active call from their phone to another phone number or extension within the same phone system. This is commonly used in businesses or organizations where employees need to transfer calls between departments or to other colleagues.

There are two main types of call transfer: blind transfer and attended transfer. With a blind transfer, the user transfers the call to another phone number or extension without speaking to the recipient first. The call is transferred immediately, and the recipient can answer the call without the original caller being aware of the transfer.

With an attended transfer, the user speaks to the recipient before transferring the call, giving them context and any necessary information about the call. The user can then transfer the call to the recipient or another extension, and the recipient can pick up the call when they are ready.

Call transfer features are often available on modern phone systems and can be accessed through the phone's settings or call app. Users can transfer calls to another extension or phone number within the same system, or to an external number outside of the system, such as a mobile phone or home office.

Call Transfer helps thrive your business.

Benefits of Call Transfer

Type of Call Transfer

Blind Transfer- Its and automated approach and happens within a blink of an eye. Press *1 followed by extension or any phone number Warm or attendant transfer takes the customer on account, keeping him in the loop when the call is being transferred. Either way, it is a win-win for all.

Usefulness of Call Transfer

Eliminates the need for external setup to help organizations manage and monitor inbound calls. Reduce the wait time of the customers, directing their call to the right agent to ensures end to end business connectivity and 24/7 continuity simplifies interaction and communication between customer executives and end-users. At times, it so happens that customers connect to a different department. Instead of instructing them to dial a different extension and disconnecting the call, call transfer enables redirecting the call to the right agent, facilitating customer trust.

24/7 Customer Support

Have your employees working remotely or at a different place? You need not disconnect customer calls or deny answering. Simply transfer the call to the dedicated phone number and assure optimal services to your customer. In simple terms, call transfer is one feature that gives you the ease and the flexibility to route calls to the right agent. The attendant may or may not be in the same building. And that is what call transfer does for you and your business. With this feature, you can assure the customers get round the clock support and assistance.

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